Listing a Sale on eBay versus eBid Review

I was going to try to list 2 identical hot wheels on eBay and eBid, but I had so much trouble getting the photos loaded on eBid, I gave up. I know that eBay has hot wheel redliners listed for sale, but eBid doesn’t. I did a search on eBid.

I know eBay has more categories than eBid. eBay has a better photograph setup than eBid. That is what I had trouble with on eBid. Although I haven’t been on eBid in about 4 years, and I’m selling one eBay right now.

Pricing is outrageous on eBid. Just think, a one time payment of $49.99 to have free listings the rest of your life. That is not such a bad deal to think of it, but eBid don’t have the buyer traffic that eBay does. They are growing though. The eBid listing was pretty uncomplicated to eBay, until you came up to posting pictures.
I still rate eBay over eBid because of more traffic and categories. Pictures load easier on eBay. I rate eBay above eBid.

My Current Sales On eBay

Right now, I have 2 listings on eBay. They are both in fixed price mode. One had been listed 30 days. It is a Hot Wheels 1971 Catalog. The first 30 days, the price was set at $15. I came down $2 on the catalog the second 30 days. On the first 30 days, I had over 200 lookers. This time, it has been listed about 3 days, and has had 100 lookers already.

My second listing is a fixed price Boy Scout neckerchief metal holder from about the 1950’s to 60’s. It has had 15 lookers. I set the price at $14.99 including free shipping. No watchers have appeared on either item.

I’m getting to where I like fixed price sales. The old days are gone where you set the auction price at $0.01 or $1.00, unless the item is in high demand. eBay has changed, and the dealer has had to change with it.

When I list an auction, I usually set the price to cover the cost that I paid for the merchandise. Shipping is usually extra. That way, you don’t loose any money. I deal mostly in antiques and collectibles. That Hot Wheels catalog may be added to my personal collection, if it don’t sell at $13.00 with free shipping.

Experience Selling On eBay

This experience relates to the fact: the customer is right nearly 100% of the time. This sale on eBay happened a couple of years ago in which I sold my high school gold senior ring. I didn’t have a digital scale then. All I had was an old mechanical scale. I messed up on weighing the ring. I priced the senior ring for $250. It had a May birthstone in it. The ring also had a face of a Tiger, and was in excellent shape, except for resizing it once.

Before I sold it, there was an offer of around $159. I didn’t take it. A Lady won the ring in paying the fixed price. It sold kind of fast. I shipped the merchandise to the lady, who was out of state.

After the sale, She emailed me back, saying the weight on the ring was wrong. By email, I agreed to pay her $80.00 back. That senior ring was given to me when I graduated. My total sale was $170- shipping.

One time I dealt with the customer out of eBay. I don’t suggest this to be a regular habit. This time, everything worked out for the best. I got a good review. Since that time, I have bought a electric digital scale. The scale is a great tool.

Setting Up A Quality Listing

Many Steps Are in a quality listing on eBay. A quality listing is part of making a good sale.First comes the Catchy Title. You need a title that catches the looker’s attention to want to look beyond the title, into the listing.

Next comes setting up the many different parts of the listing. The tags such as the country where it was created. Fill these in if you know them. It will help in the searches for the sale merchandise.

Quality Photos need to be taken and inserted in the listing. Insert as many photos of the merchandise as you can, of every angle. Make sure they are good photos.

The description is very important. Write a descriptive description. Don’t forget to enter measurements.

The Price has got to be right. Make the right choice in setting up an auction or direct price. In an auction, the right starting price has to be set. Make sure the merchandise is wanted very bad, if you set up a low starting price. I have set up a direct price too high. I had to go down in my price. it wasted listing time. Make sure what your merchandise is worth before you set a direct price. Either auction or direct price, be sure you have the right starting price.

Shipping must be set up. Offer free shipping, if only you can afford it. Get the right dimensions of the envelope or package. Even if it has to be a quality listing, make sure you, the seller, get a profit.

If your merchandise sells, always fill out a review. Be honest in your review, and courteous. eBay is a fine place to sell in.

Customer’s Opinion

This is for experienced eBay clients. If you are still interested, join eBay. Then, get use to eBay by buying some merchandise. Then start selling.

My username is 1156_antiques. I have a great score right now. I use my account for both buying and selling. I am not selling all the time. I just sell when I have merchandise to sell, and I feel like it. I just shipped an item and have a collector’s item for sale at a fixed price.

The customer is close to always to being right. Anyway, that seems like the way it goes on my selling experience. I’ve just had about 3 experiences that I had a case to go by the customer’s opinion when a problem arose. So, to keep a good eBay score, you must please the customer most of the time. I mean close to 100% of the sells you have on your online auction.

Tommy Horsley’s Selling History

< My Dad taught me selling in the off line world. I started selling online when Yahoo had an auction site. I did pretty good on that site. When it closed, I didn’t know where I would sell. I had a fear of getting on eBay. I eventually overcome that fear. I sold on garage sale something. I had my best sale that I can remember on that site.

I eventually started selling on eBay. I had already been buying. I only sell when I get a notion to. Right now, I got a sold item on shipping to the buyer. I also got an item on fixed price, that has had over a 100 lookers. I keep going on. I just wanted to write a little history of my selling online. Next blog I will start on keeping a good selling score on eBay, for that is where I sell online.